Teething Tamer - 30gm Tube - The Nude Alchemist
Teething Tamer - 30gm Tube - The Nude Alchemist
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Teething Tamer - 30gm Tube - The Nude Alchemist

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Now available in a 30g biodegradable push-up tube for an even easier application to save messy fingers!  

With all-natural sedative and pain-relieving properties, this organic formulation is ideal for children who are experiencing discomfort and irritability due to teething.

Easy to apply - rub externally onto the skin along the jawline, just before bedtime and as often as needed.

Despite the name, this pot of gold is not only useful for babies but all ages from first teeth (0-3 years), to permanent teeth (6-12 years) and then the dreaded wisdom teeth for the adults (17 years+). 

This is a great natural alternative to other remedies especially if you struggle applying anything inside the mouth, with active ingredients that have been used for centuries by mothers to relieve toothaches and teething pain, as well as to calm the crying of infants and children.

The ingredients used are the highest quality available worldwide and The Nude Alchemist adheres to strict dilution recommendations from the world's leading experts in aromatherapy to make sure this product is as safe as possible for use on babies and children from 3 months and beyond. 

30g NET amber glass jar. 


INGREDIENTS: Prunus armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Ricinus communis (Castor) Seed Oil*, Cera alba*, Fragrance (Parfum)**, Linalool**. *certified organic  **from natural essential oils

APPLICATION: Topical application. Rub externally onto the skin along the jawline, just before bedtime and/or as often as needed. 



"I sought out nude alchemist specifically for this product and I was not disappointed! The reviews seemed almost too good to be true but I was impressed with the effects of this teething tamer on my son almost instantly! So easy to apply and smells divine!"

"Teething Tamer has worked like a charm on my little girl. Now that she has 3 molars working their way through, we have been dealing with some extreme irritability. It has become part of our bedtime routine - it really puts her at ease and we all have a better sleep because of it. Highly recommended"

"The teething tamer is the best thing ever. I originally purchased it for my wee babe to help with her teeth cutting. It has since worked its magic on every member of our family! Four 6 year old molars, two wisdom teeth and three baby teeth have appeared with ease thanks to your teething tamer. It is the best!!!! I recommend it to everyone I know."



ABOUT The Nude Alchemist:

The Nude Alchemist began as a personal endeavour to create products to use on my children that I knew were 100% natural and safe, without all the added and unnecessary fillers, chemicals and preservatives that are typically found in similar products. I started sharing my success stories of my handcrafted remedies with other mothers in the community and before I knew it, I was receiving orders left, right and centre - and so The Nude Alchemist was born. 

My expertise and passion lies within essential oils. I believe it is important to look to nature and harness the healing properties they can potentially provide.  Essential oils have been around for centuries, mentioned over 100 times in the bible and once used by the ancient Egyptians as medicine.

I only use high-quality, 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils that have third-party test batch reports available, which not only means purity is guaranteed, but also the correct chemical composition to achieve the desired therapeutic results. These are some of the best essential oils available on the world-wide market today with no added fillers, pesticides, chemicals or artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Alongside essential oils, I select the best quality products I can find, not compromising on quality in favour of cost. 

I am also very conscious of the planet and reduce the use of plastic where possible. Most of my product packaging is recyclable, including the aluminium silver. Even the packaging I use to post the products to you lovely people, all around New Zealand, has been recycled by me, and hopefully will be again in its life cycle.