Sleepytot - Medium - Bunny (Grey)
Sleepytot - Medium - Bunny (Grey)
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Sleepytot - Medium - Bunny (Grey)

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Sleepytot’s award winning baby comforters have little velcro paws which can hold onto dummies, soothers or teethers.

The Millpond Child Sleep Clinic (UK) recommend Sleepy Tot comforters as a way of helping little ones find their dummies easily at night and return to sleep without fully waking.

Why choose a Sleepytot Baby Comforter ?

Sleepytot’s have little velcro paws which hold onto dummies to comfort and soothe your baby.  You simply open the paws attach a dummy and squish the velcro firmly together in order to connect velcro and fasten the dummy securely. No more lost dummies at night!


When can my baby start to use their Sleepytot ?

Just like any comforter, baby needs to be old enough and mobile enough to be able to safely maneuver Sleepytot when they want to.  This age can vary with all babies, depending on their development.

Some can start using their Sleepytots at 5 months, others may have to wait until they are 6 or 7 months.  If in doubt pop Sleepytot onto the cot bars or out of reach until you know it’s safe for them to have the comforter in the cot with them unsupervised.

A great idea is to wear Sleepytot around with you for a day or so, then attach the Sleepytot to the cot rails nice and safe, but where your baby can still see it.  Just being able to see the comforter at this early age can give your baby the security they need to fall back to sleep, especially if it smells all yummy like you.

Sleepytot can also be placed between yourself and baby while feeding for additional comfort.

What else can Sleepytot do?

  • He can hold onto cot bars, buggy and car straps while at the same time look after babies’ precious soothers.
  • He is a perfect pillow for little heads on changing tables.
  • He can also hold onto cold teethers – perfect for when your wee one is going through those painful periods of teething.
  • No more dropped soothers, teethers, or favourite toys onto the grubby supermarket floor when you are out and about.

How do I wash my Sleepytot bunny?

  • The best way is keep the velcro paws together and put the Sleepytot bunny in a delicates bag, and pop into your normal wash.
  • He can be dried in the dryer the same way.
  • The advantage of Sleepytot is that, unlike some other brands, you can use your normal dummies which can then be easily taken off the comforter and sterilised or washed regularly. 


Approx size: (W)19cm by (H)19cm