No Nasties Scented Scratch Off Nail Polish - Candy Cane

No Nasties Scented Scratch Off Nail Polish - Candy Cane

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🎄✨ Introducing our Limited Edition Naturally Scented Candy Cane Scratch Off Nail Polish for Kids in Christmas Bauble Green! 

Transform little fingertips into festive masterpieces with 🌟the sweet scent of candy canes in a shimmery green colour!

🌈 Watch as the magical green hue adds a touch of holiday cheer to their nails, creating tiny works of art. The scratch-off feature adds an element of fun and makes clean up a breeze!  No nasty nail polish remover needed here. 💚

Formulated with care and kid-friendly ingredients, this nail polish is a fun way for your little ones to express their style. 💅✨ Let their imaginations run wild as they showcase their dazzling, scented nails!

🛍️ Hurry and grab this shimmering, candy-scented joy before it's gone! 🎉

No Nasties Kids Scented Nail Polish are;

  • Naturally Fragranced & Coloured
  • Made in Australia
  • Vegan
  • Gluten, Nut & Dairy Free
  • Made with minimal ingredients
  • Do not contain synthetic colouring additives such as Red Lake
  • Are formulated “For Play, Not Stay”
  • Do not require nail polish remover
  • Minimises the risk of permanently damaging furniture and other items due to “accidents”
  • Easy to use and easy to remove
  • Cruelty Free
  • Palm Oil and Microplastics Free


Benefits of No Nasties Kids Scented Polish;

  1. Non-Toxic: By eliminating harmful chemicals commonly found in traditional nail polish, No Nasties Kids 20 FREE non-toxic alternative gives peace of mind for parents.
  2. Naturally Fragranced: Unlike regular nail polishes that emit strong chemical odours, No Nasties Kids scented formula in this non-toxic polish replaces the potentially unpleasant smell with awesome natural fragrances that children will love.
  3. Easy Removal (No Nail Polish Remover Required!): Parents will appreciate the hassle-free removal process for a few reasons... Kids almost always have “accidents” while asserting their independence in applying their nail polish, and with No Nasties Kids 20 Free Scratch off polish, when an accident occurs, in most cases the polish can be easily scratched off or washed out! No Nasties nail polish can be easily removed with gentle scrubbing or simply scratching off, minimizing any potential damage to the nails, your coffee table or their bed spread! PS We do not recommend leaving children unattended whilst playing with any makeup products, including polish!

No Nasties Kids Polish is made "For Play, Not Stay™️" and is not long lasting. It was specifically formulated for play and is designed to scratch off easily. Long wearing polish contains chemicals that No Nasties Kids could not bring to our customer market without compromising our strict ethos around ingredients.

 Polish is 8.5ml