Classic Sheepskin Infant Care Rug - Natural Ivory or Honey
Classic Sheepskin Infant Care Rug - Natural Ivory or Honey

Classic Sheepskin Infant Care Rug - Natural Ivory or Honey

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These specially chosen fine wool lambskins are tanned and manufactured especially for your baby or child.

Classic infant care rugs come with the ‘Sanitised’ certification which provides a built-in deodorant & mildew barrier.  It prevents the development of the germs that cause odour & material breakdown, thus making the rug hygienic, durable & fresher giving a guarantee of lasting protection for your baby.

This fine wool allows air to circulate around the baby & has been shown to have a calming effect.

Ideal for cots, prams, or a simple cuddle rug or play mat.

These make a great gift for a new baby.

Approximate Dimensions
Length 80+cm x W 60+cm

Wool Length 
 Long: Natural length approximate 40-50mm.


When washing sheepskin there are a few main factors to be aware of. Incorrect washing can cause the sheepskin to de-tan and if this happens they will have to be thrown out. To avoid this please follow these strict instructions.

  • Only use a small amount of an approved Neutral or Mild Sheepskin Wash. If unavailable, then just use water.
  • Do not use any Bleach, Detergents or Enzyme Washing Products!
  • Only use cold water.
  • Avoid Direct Heat when drying, dry outside in the shade or inside away from heaters, radiators or fires. Using a clothes rack to lay the sheepskin flat is a good way to dry a skin. 
  • Do not let the sheepskin dry out too fast, it is best to leave a small amount of moisture in the skin.
  • After the sheepskin is dry, brush with a pet brush to restore pile and finish with a solid shake.
  • Avoid getting moisture on footwear as this can stain. If footwear does need cleaning it is best spot cleaned, using a small amount of liquid and a cloth. Follow the rules above and treat like you would cleaning carpet.

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