Bobux Go Xplorer - Navy
Bobux Go Xplorer - Navy
Bobux Go Xplorer - Navy
Bobux Go Xplorer - Navy
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Bobux Go Xplorer - Navy

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Crafted from premium, soft leather, featuring a single strap fastening, the Go is easy on and easy off for little explorers. In a classic navy colourway, the Go is the perfect go everywhere shoe for little Xplorers taking their earliest steps.

  • Hook-and-loop strap and elastic.
  • Standard length. Designed to fit average width feet. Elasticated opening and flexible fit.


  • Upper: Premium Soft Leather
  • Sole: BBX B-Lite XP (White)
  • Lining: Partially Lined


Polish every two weeks to keep the shoes in top condition. Light scuffs can be reduced by rubbing a matching coloured shoe polish over affected area. Avoid fully immersing in water. Dry naturally, away from direct sunlight. Do not bleach, soak, or tumble dry.


Little feet are always growing and changing, that’s why we design our shoes to suit every stage of growth your child may be in, to give them comfort, protection and freedom of movement. As your child grows, three things change; their feet, their moves and their needs, so it’s very important to their future foot development that they have the right shoes for every stage. Bobux shoes are designed from the sole up, to support your child’s feet and movement as they grow through each stage. Below we’ve detailed the five stages of development.




The stage range for kids almost walking and cruisers.

They haven’t mastered stability, upright-ness or toddling just yet, but with the help of furniture or anything else they can pull themselves up on, cruisers are getting closer and closer to becoming little walkers and they need durable infant shoes to support them. With such a monumental task at hand, cruising calls for Xplorers: Bendier, lighter, tougher infant shoes. 

Our range of infant leather shoes cover styles for all seasons, trainers, dress shoes and simple slip on baby crawler shoes.

Cruisers' feet are just beginning to form, their heels and tiny toes are starting to take shape allowing them to stand when supported. Their feet are still soft, chubby and cute with flat pads and no arches.

Cruisers aren’t quite standing by themselves yet, but they’re starting to pull themselves up on furniture. They can stand when supported and are excited and curious to see the world at a new angle. With nothing to hold on to, they prefer to crawl around on all fours, but will soon be taking their earliest solo steps.

Cruisers’ feet are still changing every day, so soft materials and considered design give them a full range of movement and the freedom to develop naturally. Xplorer shoes are lightweight and durable to protect babies feet as they start to stand. Grippy textured soles help kids push against surfaces and reinforced toe-caps protect tiny little toes as the crawl around. The Xplorer sole was expertly designed to flex with your child’s movement, allowing their feet to strengthen naturally as they grow and start to explore. 



112-118 EU19 3UK 4US 9-15 mnths M
119-125 EU20 3.5UK 4.5US 15-27 mnths L
126-132 EU21 4.5UK 5.5US 15-27 mnths L
133-139 EU22 5UK 6US 2 yrs XL