Vapor-Eze Waterless Vaporizer Refill Pads 25 pack

Vapor-Eze Waterless Vaporizer Refill Pads 25 pack

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These blank refill pads are for the Vapor-Eze Waterless Vaporizer to be used in conjunction with the Pure menthol oil.

Just follow these simple instructions:
1. Place a blank refill pad on a piece of paper or paper towel.
2. Select the essential oil(s) you would like to use to fill the pad.
3. Open the bottle(s) carefully and slowly drip oil onto the refill pad. Try to cover all, areas of the pad.
4. Watch for the oil to start seeping out from the edge of the pad onto the paper it is sitting on. Once this occurs, the pad is full and ready to use.
5. Insert the refill pad into your Vapor-Eze unit or any similar aromatherapy diffuser and enjoy!

Dried pads may be reused. We suggest that you use them with the same oils used originally. If the edges become frayed, it's time to use a new pad.

Includes 25 pure cotton refill pads.