The Warrior Within Amethyst Warrior Bracelet - 2 sizes - Child & Adult
The Warrior Within Amethyst Warrior Bracelet - 2 sizes - Child & Adult
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, The Warrior Within Amethyst Warrior Bracelet - 2 sizes - Child & Adult
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, The Warrior Within Amethyst Warrior Bracelet - 2 sizes - Child & Adult

The Warrior Within Amethyst Warrior Bracelet - 2 sizes - Child & Adult

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Our Amethyst Warrior bracelets are available in both child and adult sizes! 

Handcrafted bracelets made from 100% Natural A Grade Amethyst to turn your worrier into a WARRIOR!

If you or your child has things that you are worried about, give them(and yourself!) the gift of an Amethyst Warrior bracelet!

*Comforting for times of stress & worry

*Reduces the tension & stress that comes from worrying

*Helps you remain calm and focused

*A daily reminder that you are a WARRIOR!

Please note: Due to the nature of Amethyst, beads will vary in depth of colour. Child bracelets are lighter as the beads are smaller and allow more light to pass through.


Sliding knot design allows the bracelet to be tightened to the required size.

Adult size opens to 20cms. Child size opens to 16cm.

For the child bracelet it is best to check with a piece of string this is able to get over your child's knuckles. These are diddly little bracelets designed for small children.

Older children (approx 10+) may be better with the adult size.

Child Bead Size: 6mm

Adult Bead Size: 10mm 

Our Story...

Our story began when our eldest daughter was starting school. She was so nervous. I searched and searched for a product that I could give to her, as a special gift, which would help give her strength, courage and resilience for the big transition ahead. But I couldn’t find anything. So I decided to make her something. That’s when our Amethyst Necklaces were born! Made from Natural, A Grade Amethyst and strung in the same way as Amber teething necklaces - individually knotted beads and a pop clasp that breaks under pressure. I felt reassured that she could wear this safely under her school uniform. When I presented her with it and told her all about the benefits of Amethyst and how wearing the necklace can give her some comfort she was so thrilled! She wore it to school every day. She would come home with stories of how her necklace gave her the courage to stand up in class for her show and tell and how it made her brave when she fell over in the playground to not cry.

We have since used our Amethyst Necklaces to get us through a BFF moving away, a dance performance in front of the whole school, moving into a new year with new classmates, trips to the doctor/dentist and so much more! Our youngest uses it to navigate through the trials and tribulations of Kindergarten. It is my go-to for whenever something comes up that makes them nervous. We whip out the Amethyst and it’s as though I’ve wrapped them in a comfort blanket.

I know all parents can appreciate products that make their children feel at ease with the many changes of a child’s life so we decided to share our necklaces in the hopes that your child can get comfort from them as well as strength, courage and resilience!


What situations would my child benefit from an Amethyst Warrior Bracelets?

The simple answer is: any situation that your child finds worrying or stressful.

It can help build their confidence with everyday worries such as going to the dentist or learning how to ride a bike. Or it could be used to support them in a big period of transition. No worry too big, no worry too small.

We encourage you to do your own research on the history of Amethyst and how it could benefit your family.​

Are the necklaces safe for my child to wear?

The Bracelets are all hand-knotted in between each bead as a safe guard. In the event the jewelry were to break, only one bead will come loose. 


How should I care for my Amethyst Warrior Bracelet? 

To lengthen the life of (and consequently, maximize the benefits) your Amethyst bracelet it's important to properly care for them: 

  • Do not use harsh chemicals or jewelry cleaners/solutions.

  • Remove the bracelet and/or avoid using body care products in the areas you wear your amethyst necklace that will coat the jewelry, such as: hairsprays, gels, lotions, etc. 

  • Your children may enjoy the cleansing and charging ritual of their Amethyst. To cleanse, run under cool running water and to charge, place out under a full moon. This will clear energies from the crystal and restore it's healing properties.

It is recommended that the bracelets be removed before swimming in chlorinated pools and spas. It is a good idea to remove jewellery any time it will be wet for long periods as it can damage the thread and clasps.