Mary Meyer - Taggies Dazzle Dots Monkey Character Blanket

Mary Meyer - Taggies Dazzle Dots Monkey Character Blanket

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TAGGIES Dazzle Dots Character Blanket by Mary Meyer brings a lovable companion into little hands. Stimulating colours and soft fabrics of velour and satin combine with whimsical Monkey features, an adorable applique and 19 soothing ribbons. A plush Monkey head sits right in the middle of this comfort buddy. 

Little ones are mesmerised by rubbing the soft, satin loops.

Exploring Taggies textured tags can provide tactile stimulation that babies crave for development and have an amazing calming effect on you your little ones.

Dimensions: 10cm high x 34cm wide x 34cm long

Care instructions: Machine washable 

  • Made with ultra-soft microfiber fabric and featuring embroidered detailing
  • Taggies are adorned with patented looped ribbon tags that babies love to explore and rub




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