Sophia and Mason Learn to use the Loo (Two stories in the one book)

Sophia and Mason Learn to use the Loo (Two stories in the one book)

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Sophia and Mason learn to use the Loo - A fantastic helpful book, especially if your child is finding it hard to make the transition from nappies to the toilet.

This book is bright & bold which makes the toilet experience look fun.

It looks at the steps taken before and after they go to the toilet and also the uneasy emotions that go along with this change! Watching the characters in the book take these steps can definitely help children to feel much more comfortable about making this change themselves.

 Starting day care, using the toilet or moving to a big bed are life events that can be taken for granted. For toddlers, preschool children and their parents, these achievements can seem monumental in scale. 

The series of five books is centered on the adventures of two preschool aged characters, Sophia and Mason, and cover several of the early milestones faced by children aged two to five years of age. 

"The world can be an awe-inspiring yet scary place for toddlers and preschoolers. They face a lot of challenges as part of growing up and until you become a parent, or work with young children, it is not something that you give a lot of thought to. This series of books came about as a means of explaining these milestones to our own children in a fun way so that they become more comfortable with these steps. With Sophia and Mason, preschoolers have two characters they can relate to directly through their own journey growing up."

Collect them all.

27pages, paperback.