Quut Cana 1 litre - Choose your colour
Quut Cana 1 litre - Choose your colour
Quut Cana 1 litre - Choose your colour
Quut Cana 1 litre - Choose your colour

Quut Cana 1 litre - Choose your colour

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Quut Cana 1L

Quut Cana 1L

Cana is a playful watering can with an iconic and innovative design. Available in both 1.0 litres and 0.5 litres. To be used in your bath tub, at home, on the beach or in the garden. Two different sides double the fun for your kids as they can either spray or pour the water precisely while stimulating fine motor skills.

Size: 23.5 x 20 x 8 cm

Choose from Blue with Orange or Grey with Yellow


Quut Toys

Remember going to the beach as a kid? Now you watch your own giggling children play in the sand and the water – they don’t even know they are creating memories that will last for a lifetime. Unfortunately, their beach toys probably won’t last the day. Their bucket handle will break as they fill it with water. Their shovel will snap as they dig a moat. You’ll see broken toys strewn across the beach at the end of the day.
At Quut, they think this is ridiculous. So Quut toys are different. They’re unbelievably fun. And they last… season after season.
Quut toys are cleverly designed and durable. But they’re also fun to play with and look at, which means they’ll become part of your kids’ ‘go-to’ beach toys for endless fun. 
No more broken buckets. No more snapped shovels. It’s a great way to give your kids an amazing day at the beach.

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