Classic World Fishing Game in a Tin

Classic World Fishing Game in a Tin

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This Fishing Game will provide your child and their friends with loads of fun as they take turns trying to catch the magnetic sea creatures!

This colourful and fun game will improve your child's ability to play with others as they go fishing for the creatures.

The board and pieces are beautifully coloured and detailed to depict marine life and creatures for your child to enjoy and be inspired to learn more about the oceans.

The printed fabric "ocean" is double-sided with a game board on each side, providing two different game options. One side provides the base for the fishing game while the other side is a base on which to play a fun matching game.

Both encourage shape and animal recognition as well as dexterity and hand-eye coordination as they play!

Comes in a tin for easy storage.

18+ months

Approx. Size:
39 x 39 x 2cm

Pieces made from hand crafted natural wood, ocean mat made of fabric

Number of Pieces:
15 pieces contained in a tin