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Buzzy Bee's Birthday Party and three other stories
Babylove Ltd

Buzzy Bee's Birthday Party and three other stories

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Join much-loved TV star Buzzy Bee and his friends for some fun adventures — no matter what goes wrong, Buzzy’s ideas always save the day.

Buzzy Bee’s Birthday Party – Buzzy is looking forward to his party, but how many friends does he have to prepare for?

Buzzy Bee Baby-Sitter is a colourful picture book for preschool to Year 1, with four stories that each help learn a valuable lesson. Children love the bright, funny stories as they learn fractions, comparisons, left and right, and time. The perfect gift for a young child — be prepared to read it over and over again!

Mary Lou’s Home – painting her house means Mary Lou needs to use different colours to keep her friends happy.

What Day is This? – the ducklings discover that different things happen on each day of the week.

  • Internationally award-winning author, recognised as a specialist in preschool learning
  • Every story is a learning story
  • Great gift, perfect for bed-time reading.

Written by Joy Cowley

Illustrated by Richard Hoit.

240 x 200mm (portrait), 64 pgs, full-colour throughout

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