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Birth to Earth Placenta Planting Pack

Birth to Earth Placenta Planting Pack

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The Biodegradable Placenta Planting Pack

The Capceco Biodegradable Placenta Planting Pack is the no mess, no fuss way to keep and plant your placenta.

The pack includes:

Corn Starch Bags
100% Recycled Cardboard Capsule
Convenient Carry Bag
"Your Tree" Child's Keepsake Record Book

Includes:  Copper Tree Tag

This copper tree tag is the perfect way to permanently record your child's name and birth date on their tree.

Simply write their details on the tag by placing it on a semi soft surface like a newspaper. This will permanently indent their name into the tag which oxidise to a green brown patina over time.

Be sure to place the tag on a branch and not the trunk.

Capceco Biodegradable Placenta Pack

All components break down to a natural hummus leaving no toxic residues. Packed at birth, the whole capsule is planted in the ground requiring no messy defrosting or handling.

Birth to Earth have taken every step possible to design a kit that is as Eco friendly as possible, using natural resources for production.

• Cornstarch bags made from GMO free corn.

• 100% Recycled cardboard capsule and carry bag printed with Soy based vegetable inks

• Children’s Keepsake Book made of 100% “post consumer” waste recycled card printed with Soy based vegetable inks

Current Placenta Storage Option

The current option offered to you by hospitals are all plastic which are not only toxic to our planet but require you to defrost and unpack the placenta before you can plant it.

Most birthing facilities will pack your placenta into a plastic bag or a plastic container. This needs to be defrosted for over 24 hours to thaw enough for the placenta to be removed for planting. Never a nice job – especially for a squeemish male!

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